Thursday, December 23, 2010

Delicious, decadent gift wrap

Every year I plan out my gift wrapping way in advance. I gotta have a theme. Sometimes I go a little overboard, like this year for example, but hey, who cares - I have fun and I get to be creative. This year I wanted to create packaging that was decadent, rich, and delicious... so I went for a chocolate, gold, and ivory color scheme. I even coordinated my Christmas tree to match (in past years my tree has been red and silver... just got a little tired of it). This year supplies included:

-Gift wrap & bags from Paper Source, Kate's Paperie, and Target
-LOTS of ribbon & embellishments from Michael's
-Candyscript typeface from Veer
-A glue gun, double sided tape, and a circle cutter

After much work, glue burns, and a table full of glitter, I proudly present to you the results of my endeavors. Happy Holidays everyone!


Kriz said...

Great choice in typeface, the colors go very well with each other. The whole arrangement is simply beautiful. I would never want to open my gift.

Christian Perez said...

What camera Do you use?

Christine Marie Dupont said...

I'm using a Nikon D5000with a 50mm lens.