Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nothing like some nitty gritty baby photos to start the day off right

Over the summer I did a series of photo shoots for an anti-smoking campaign in Advanced Graphics I. This set of images is from the first shoot. The idea around the imagery was to simulate the environment a baby is living in while you're smoking during pregnancy. The premise was "would you do this to your baby?" The photos were to be graphic, dirty, and disgusting. But first I needed a baby.

So I went to Thriftko and spent all of $2 on a baby doll in a little pink dress. Perfect. I got up on a Sunday morning and headed over to the apartment complex of fellow photography aficionado and VCC student, Rita Barnes. Together we went around her development looking for the most vile, disgusting habitats to put our little "Peggy Sue" in... puddles, sewer pipes, trash cans, dumpsters... if it was nasty then we were happy. Peggy Sue got progressively dirtier and dirtier aa the morning wore on, and eventually we bagged her up and called it a day.

Below are some of the primo picks of the 150 we took that day. They've been given only slight color and contrast adjustments. I've also done alternates in black and white because it gives the imagery an entirely different (and darker) tone.


IMG_2918 copy


IMG_2932 copy


IMG_2937 copy


IMG_2966 copy


IMG_2991 copy


IMG_3017 copy


IMG_3027 copy




IMG_3925 copy