Saturday, September 27, 2014

Box Battle: September 2014

Okay, so I sort of have this addiction to subscription boxes... an illness for which there is no cure. There are tons of box review sites out there reviewing individual boxes each month, or comparing one box to another. Instead, I'm going to present my monthly haul in more of a battle royale style... because all of these box subcsciptions are ultimately competing for the same thing...


Or, more specifically, my continued commitment to maintaining my subscription.

One box has already bit the dust (sorry, Dottie Box... you just weren't doin' it for me).

So, each month, I will (try to) post a photo of all the stuff I got and tell you which box gets the gold star for the month. As of right now, the monthly contenders are Birchbox, Olive Box, Loot Crate, Box of Happies, and Ipsy.

Now onto September...

Click for larger (sorry about the crappy photo...)


Birchbox: It seems like all I get from Birch is sunscreen and hair products... Neither of which I use with any regularity. I did use the shampoo and conditioner this morning though. It was ok... nothing I was excited about. Also in the box was a Pixie lip balm which was alright. The item I actually liked the most was the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume sample.

Olive Box: The cards were cute, but I really liked the the set of Rifle Paper Co. journals. The little "You Are Loved" stickers got some use... gave out a few to co-workers and hid one in my husbands' ipad case.

Loot Crate: Okay... I knew they were doing a "Galactic" sci-fi theme, and then I learned that there would be an Alien item... and I got REALLY excited. However, I was very disappointed when my Alien item turned out to be a Dallas action figure. LAME. The tribble and Mal vinyl were a saving grace however. The Pop Rocks didn't even last 2 minutes.

Box of Happies: Eh... this month was okay. The silver necklace was cute, but the earrings aren't really my style. The ring I could have made myself. Bottle opener key chain probably won't use. Cupcake flags... eh, I'll find something to use them on at some point.

Ipsy: Loved the makeup bag (think I'll add a short black chain and turn it into a clutch). The double-end eyeshadow brush was really great, and I loved the purple eyeshadow. Lip gloss not usually a color that I wear, but I like that it's neutral. Brown eyeliner pencil is a plus. There was some hair treatment stuff too, but I gave that away.


Occasionally I might get my hands on an extra box. This month we were sent a Bark Box at Orlando Magazine for review. It was their June or July box, but it was still fun to see what was in it. The shining star in this box was that pink squid. I fought off all the other staff to keep it. No, I didn't give it to my dog... are you kidding? LOOK AT IT! It now has a place on my office bookshelf next to my sperm whale bookends.

And the gold star goes to...

Ipsy. But barely. Honestly, if Loot Crate hadn't been such a disappointment Alien-wise, it would have gone to them. It was almost kind of a draw. But Loot doesn't have much to worry about. They've more or less gotten the gold star for the last 2 months. But congratulations Ipsy... you've earned my continued subscription.

Till next month, friends...