Saturday, May 11, 2013

Christian's Font Themed Birthday Extravaganza

Turning 30 is kind of a big deal, and for one graphic design friend, we wanted to do something extra specially nerdy: enter the Font Party. The rules were simple... each guest needed to come dressed as a font of their choice. Anything goes. The results were lots of fun, with some unexpected surprises, and even our non-designer friends were able to enjoy the theme as well.

Decorations of green and black filled the room, interspersed with various blocks of wood type and other design-nerdy touches (though not pictured we also had thin, white wood letters that spelled "XTIAN", which we had guests sign).

The food was laid out, provided by friends and the folks at Petty's Meats... Bacon Wrapped Black & Blue Cheeseburger Bites, Crunchy Chicken Tenders, and Coconut Shrimp.

So the place was prepped, everything clean and ready to go, the font management system installed... and slowly the fonts began to arrive...

So, let's meet the fonts...

The birthday boy himself

 Wingdings really wants to know what's in Courier's package...

Pretty soon it was time for cake, which in Christian's case was a giant cookie (complete with typographic HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles, of course).

Then it was time for the font pharaoh to receive his gifts, but for each gift we tested his memories of his friends. We shared his friends most memorable moments and how they met our guest of honor, and he had to guess whose story it was.

For each correct answer, he got to open a gift...

There were fun cards...

Lots of cool gifts we knew he'd love...

And even some photo bombing in the process...

For every wrong guess, he had to take a shot. Helvetica oversaw that.

And finally, we got to Courier's questionable package of the night...

The anticipation was great, as guests looked on in wonder... what would it be???

And then... We got a Clue...

Like, literally... it was Clue... and there was much rejoicing.

Lastly, at the end of the night, it was time to vote on the best costume. There was much deliberation, but finally we managed to narrow down a winner... and by near unanimous vote, the biggest nerd winner was...

The birthday boy... naturally :)

So that was it, our fontastic birthday extravaganza. I leave you with a series of stupid animated gifs. 

And yes, if you are wondering, some of the decorations are still up... 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Poe Murder Mystery Masquerade

Back in October we threw a Victorian-era-Edgar-Allan-Poe-themed murder mystery masquerade (try saying that 5 times fast). We gathered on the night of October 27th, just a few weeks after the death anniversary of the aforementioned author.  The story goes a little something like this...
Ten years ago, lovely Lenore Bainbridge was murdered during a masquerade ball at the glamorous Bainbridge Manor. The culprit was never discovered. It is rumored that Lenore’s spirit does not rest peacefully, but endlessly prowls the halls of Bainbridge Manor, waiting for justice.

Now, all who attended the masquerade ball on that fateful night will gather again at Bainbridge Manor, this time in the hopes that together they can discover once and for all who murdered Lenore Bainbridge so her spirit can finally be at peace.
Each guest had a small role to play and was given various clues throughout the night to share with the other guests.
Myself as Clarissa Bainbridge, the victim's sister
BJ Dupont as Beauregard Charming, the victim's sister suitor
Susan Mullins as Sarah Bainbridge, the victim's sister cousin
Mark Ronhaar as James Bainbridge, the victim's sister cousin
Jason Strickland as Roman Bainbridge, the victim's sister uncle
Christian Knightly as Count Maximilian Freud, the victim's sister suitor
Julie Tyckoson Eliza Valdemar, the victim's sister friend
Dan Bookman as Inspector Auguste Dupin
Paul Love as Dr. Prospero, the family’s doctor
Jenifer Kresge as Dr. Morella Tamerlane, the family psychologist
Brian Hogan as Roderick Usher, guest at Bainbridge Manor
Liz Hogan as Madeline Usher, sister to Roderick
Nick Benedetto as William Wilson, the butler
Amy Benedetto as Marie Roget, the housekeeper
Rita Barnes as Madame Raven, psychic medium
Jason Dilworth as Edgar Reynolds, investigative journalist for the Evening Mirror
Michelle Dilworth as Annabel Lee, poet
James Tryon as Montresor Amontillado, the family accountant
Evelyn Tryon as Virginia Amontillado, head cook

*Props if you can spot all of the Poe references!
While this probably sounds like a really cool thing to shoot, I unfortunately didn't get much of an opportunity to photograph all of the details since I was busy playing hostess (aka Lady Clarissa Bainbridge). Also, I should probably note that, as a general rule, I should not be allowed to operate a camera if I've had more than a few alcoholic libations. Needless to say, the photos that I did take came out terribly. So I've thrown a few old-timey photo effects on them in an effort to make them less offensive to your eyes.

Black and cream invitations, ready to mail out and set the spooky mood of the party.
Upon entering, guests were given an envelope with their name and first set of clues.
Ravens could be found everywhere. Oh, how Lenore loved her ravens.
They even managed to come to work with me.
I always knew that our butler, William Wilson, was involved with Marie Roget, the housekeeper.
Count Maximilian Freud was all smiles, until people started accusing him of murdering Lenore. In the background, police inspector Auguste Dupin and my cousin, Sarah Bainbridge, look on knowingly.
Eliza Valdemar... never really trusted her much. She was always jealous of Lenore.
Madam Raven (far right) discusses clues with Beuregard Charming, while Dr.'s Prospero and Tamerlane listen in.

Madeline and Roderick Usher... all smiles, despite the recent collapse of their home after a terrible storm.

Investigative journalist, Edgar Reynolds, poses with his love, Annabel Lee. Edgar was hoping for another juicy story after all the fame he got for reporting Lenore's murder.

Montressor Amontillado, the family accountant, eyeing me suspiciously. He never did approve much of my spending habits. His lovely wife, our head cook Virgina, cares only for sampling the wine he makes.

At the close of the evening, the guests gather round to discuss the final clues.