Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wine Poster

Just finished up my first project in Advanced Graphics II with Krity Peninno. We had to design a wine poster for this competition hosted by a Spanish wine company, Bodegas Terras Gauda. Aside from the basic competition specs, Kristy also gave us some constraints to which we had to adhere:

1. The entire piece had to be done by hand - no using the computer to do any work except adding the logo after scanning/photographing the finished piece.

2. It had do be 3-dimensional in some way.

Additionally, we also could only use our own work, which meant we couldn't use someone else's stock photography or images from magazines, etc.

The piece I ended up doing was an Art Nouveau piece done entirely with cut paper, ink, and watercolor paint. The golden frame is actually raised up from the background by about a quarter inch - this was done to help meet the 3-D requirement and give it some depth. It's still a bit rough, and I plan to go into Photoshop and fix up some of the line and color work (cause yeah, I totally didn't use those watercolors right). Overall thought I am pleased with the final outcome giving the difficulty I had putting the thing together.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Illustration Portfolio

Hi all :) So I just went ahead and uploaded a whole bunch of work to my portfolio at Coroflot. It features my illustration and illustration only. So, please check it out when you have some time... maybe leave a comment cause comments are nice and they make me warm and fuzzy inside :)

Check it out here!