Monday, March 7, 2011

GRA2201 - Assignment 2

For Assignment 2, the students of my Electronic Imaging course had to create an illustration made entirely of brushes, and ONLY brushes. Each student was randomly provided with a different theme for their illustration. They needed to use a minimum of 5 different brushes plus create their own custom brush. The custom brush needed to be created from a stock photo or illustration, but the other 5 brushes could either download them from the internet or custom created. It was important to use high resolution brushes (1300px or bigger). Assignment 2 focused on the following skills:
  • Creating and saving custom brushes
  • Utilizing online resources to download brushes
  • Working with and adjusting brush settings
  • Practice image composition
  • Working with and organizing layers
  • Using brush blending modes
Christian Perez
Ricky Lester
Josh Murphy
Luella Keroumi

Eric Rummells
Edward Hughes
Dorothy Timmer
Zuleyka Dones
Diana Lugo
Brian Plaza
Sean Thompson
John Coffey


Christian Perez said...

These all came out very nice. I'm guessing Eric Rummells is a big fan of music, if not a musician himself. I like the way he used hierarchy, he didn't let the other elements over power the main focus, which is the guitar. I like Josh Murphy's piece, it has a sort of Finding Nemo feel. All in all I think they are all good. Each one shows how to uniquely use custom brushes in order to get what you want.

Commit or Quit said...

I really like Chritian Perez' piece. It is very elegant. I really like the flow of the sky with the colors and movement. I like John Coffee's piece allot too. I am really into the bird with the rays from behind. It reminds me of old school tattoos. I also like the colors he use. They complamint eachother well.

Luella Keroumi said...

My favorite is Brian Plaza's. I am a big fan of outer space and the NASA program, so this one appealed to me the most. The warm and cool colors work well together to balance the compostion. Its looks like something I would see in a NASA magizine or website.