Saturday, March 19, 2011

GRA2201 - Assignment 3 & Project 2

The objective for Assignment 3 was primarily to work with the new CS5 Mixer Brush Tool. Students were to create a digital painting from a nature related photo using only this tool. Unlike previous assignments, there was less focus on the technical aspects and more on effort, creativity, and attention to detail. The goals of this assignment were:
  • Understand the way the Mixer Brush tool works
  • Working with the Mixer Brush tool settings
  • Applying realistic painting techniques
  • Attention to detail
  • Working with stock photos
 This assignment coincided with Project 2, which as a self portrait digital painting. Below are a few examples of Assignment 3 and Project 2.


Christopher Reichert

Dianna Lugo

Dorothy Timmer

Ricky Lester


Christopher Reichert

John Coffey

Dianna Lugo

Christian Perez

Ricky Lester


Elaine said...

They are all fantastic! Hard to pick a favorite!

Luella Keroumi said...

The one that stands out the most is Ricky Lester's. It looks like a painting that Bob Ross would paint on tv. The use of the varing tones of green gives the painting depth pulling your eye into the main focal point of the painting, which I feel is the mountains. Great job Ricky!

Christian Perez said...

The self portraits came out very well. John Coffey's looks so lifelike. You can tell a lot of each of people by the way they painted themselves and the colors they used. Christopher Reichert shows he has a pretty funny personality and is an epic gamer. The mixer brush assignment came out pretty cool as well. The students had good use of the tool, it's quite easy to overdo it when using the mixer brush.