Saturday, June 14, 2008

I {heart) Dirty Baby Photos

Anti-Smoking Concept Ad 1
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About 2 weeks ago we started our new Anti-Smoking campaigns in Advanced Graphic Design. The challenge of the project is to NOT use any cigarette or smoking related imagery. We have to convey the message in other means. It's easy to throw a few pictures of nasty cigarettes on a background and call it a day... but then that's what separates the little guns from the big guns.

Not that I'm a big gun or anything. Hardly. In fact, this campaign has been really difficult for me. Luckily I have an excellent pool of inspirational people and images to wade through.

The image here is the first of a series of 3 cohesive ads aimed at pregnant mothers to not smoke during their pregnancy. The idea is that smoking while pregnant is like throwing your baby away because it causes complications like miscarriages, still birth, and SIDS. I chose this one image out of 150 pictures that I took, because it conveyed that message best - and the class agreed.

I will post the best of the photos as soon as I can. Again... that's 150 pictures, folks. That means 150 images that I need to browse through, select, and edit. But they do look pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

I'll be doing another photo shoot, with help from Rita, sometime this weekend. We'll be shooting about 3 or 4 different concepts in the same day. I'll be presenting those concepts to the class Monday.

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get rained on.

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