Thursday, June 19, 2008

I {heart} Typographic Minimalization

A few weeks ago, my typography class did an assignment on minimalization. The goal was to explore and experiment with various ways of minimalizing letterforms. And by minimalize I mean taking away from the letter without destroying it's readability. Students had to focus on one letter and one letter only for their examples - I chose the letter "E". Our examples had to include 3 different techniques for minimalizing the letter

1. Minimalization by other letterforms.
Subtracting from our letter with other letters.

2. Minimalization by shapes.
Using shapes to subtract from or crop parts of our letter.

3. Minimalization by cropping within shapes.
Focusing on the negative space left behind.

Here are my examples (click on image to view larger on Flickr):






And here are some examples done by previous students:

Exercise 2
Nick Melton

Exercise 2
Joseph Bash

Exercise 2
Holly Smith

Exercise 2
Reina Castellanos

Typography exercise
Katie Simari

Ed Cross

Typography Book
Efrain Lopez

Typography Book
Aaron Fischer


Anonymous said...

great work---especially because you are MY daughter! Keep up the great creative work!

Anonymous said...

I agree it is very nice work. :)

Ashley Adams : Postcard Printing said...

Nice work…. minimalizing the letterforms without even destroying its readability is something that almost all the web designers will be interested in. Thanks for sharing.

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